Opera in four acts based on Georges Bizet
in a musical adaptation by Marius Felix Lange
for the version by Barbora Horáková and Martin Mutschler


11. December 2021


In French with German Surtitles

2 Hours, no Intermission

From Ages 14+

Musikalische Leitung James Hendry
Inszenierung Barbora Horáková
Bühne Thilo Ullrich
Choreografie James Rosental
Licht Sascha Zauner
Video Sergio Verde
Dramaturgie Martin Mutschler

Tänzer:innen Eleanor Freeman, Chiara Viscido, Alice Gaspari, Dominic McAinsh, James Rosental, Valentino Neri


Carmen – the title evokes the blazing heat of a Spanish summer and Don José’s hopeless passion for the freedom-loving Carmen. This new chamber music version provides an opportunity to take pleasure in questioning this classic opera. In terms of the music, composer Marius Felix Lange sheds a new light on Bizet’s score, using texts by Martin Mutschler. This production of Carmen focuses on the opera’s central characters and addresses the highly modern question of whether we are capable of controlling our own desire. What happens to our yearnings when we cannot change the way we are? Carmen’s absolute concept of freedom signifies a liberation from predetermined roles – but at what price? Director-in-residence Barbora Horáková and her team examine these controversial questions with great sensuality and precision.