Young / Ballet

Hokus & Pokus

Ballet by Jeroen Verbruggen
World Premiere

For children from age 8 and adults

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Together with his witch-sister Pokus, the young wizard Hokus invents the most famous magical incantation: “Hokus Pokus Fidibus!” Anyone who ever had anything to do with magic cannot help but come across these siblings. But the incantation only works when it is spoken by both of them together. When Hokus starts to feel jealous of the talented Pokus, disaster soon ensues …

Between historical events and fairy-tale fiction, the Belgian choreographer Jeroen Verbruggen tells stories of people who used to be called “witches” in former times. Featuring his characteristic signature of dark grotesque, captivating opulence and magical effects, this full-length ballet is not least a parable on being different in today’s society.
The piece’s subject matter can also be heard in its score: Magic and society collide like two elementary forces. While the bass drum in Gabriel Prokofiev’s Bass Drum Concerto dictates the beat and represents the stagnant norms of a royal court, the strings in the symphonies by Gloria Coates or Nico Muhly outline an image of greater freedom and connection with nature. Stephan Zilias is the evening’s musical director.

Hokus & Pokus is a captivating musical and visual experience for the entire family.