by Molière


19. August 2023

Schauspielhaus Hoftheater


Orgon is a father and husband, he is wealthy and yet – or perhaps for this very reason – extremely needy. In Tartuffe, he has found someone to fill this gigantic hole of neediness. This chosen one persuades Orgon that he will be able to quench his soul’s distress through rigorous religious practice. Seductive, charming – destitute, of course, but what is money when you have to stand up for moral values – he wraps Orgon around his finger and convinces him to sign over his fortune to him, Tartuffe. Furthermore, Orgon promises to marry his daughter to his saviour – never mind that she has quite different plans of her own.
They are all narcissists, these characters that Molière has assembled here. It’s hard to say who is a victim and who is a perpetrator. They are all thirsting for redemption – some look for it in money, the others, oversaturated with wealth, lose themselves in the emptiness and, in their moral rootlessness, they yearn for orientation and purpose. Lukas Holzhausen’s staging of Ein Mann seiner Klasse was produced by Schauspiel Hannover and invited to the 2022 Berlin Theatertreffen. In the summer of 2023, he will conduct an inspection of human longings, including their humorous entanglements, abysses and libidinous extravagances, in this most-often performed French comedy in the courtyard of Schauspiel Hannover in the summer of 2023.