Young / Opera

Wanda Walfisch

Musical Theatre for Children featuring Renaissance Works

Libretto by Anna Wenzel (Collaboration: Bérénice Collet)
Based on the Book by Davide Calì and Sonja Bougaeva

In German

For children from age 6 and adults

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Wanda doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. In school, in the street and everywhere else. She is heavier than her schoolmates and that makes her feel bad. Especially on Wednesdays. That’s when they have swimming lessons. The water is cold and wet and everybody laughs when Wanda jumps in. Wanda doesn’t like that at all. She hates this day. Until her swimming instructor tells her about a fantastic trick – and suddenly, everything changes! This story is well-know from the German children’s television programme Die Sendung mit der Maus and it shows that confidence can be learned and that it requires practice. Anna Wenzel’s play, which premiered in 2019, tells the story with Renaissance music – which also unfolds its own individual form. Wanda Walfisch marks the return of director Maria Kwaschik to Ballhof, who staged the successful instrumental comedy Pinocchios Abenteuer in 2022. The stage will be filled with performing singers, Renaissance musicians and dance. An emotional and humorous approach to a topic that affects all of us.

Musikalische Leitung Max Bilbe
Inszenierung Maria Kwaschik
Dramaturgie Sophia Gustorff
Xchange Matthias Brandt

Betty/Panther/Hase Mengqi Zhang
Schwimmlehrer/Mann mit Hund/Freiheitsstatue Frank Schneiders
Arthur/Riesenvogel/Affe/Känguru N.N.
Blockflöte/Viola da gamba Mirjam Münzel
Blockflöte Friederike Merkel
Viola da gamba Anna Reisner
Theorbe/Barockgitarre Bernhard Reichel