When I speak, I tell you my opinion.
When I sing, I show you my heart.


With lullabies and a captivating concert by Aynur, this series began to focus on the power of singing in all its facets and diversity in its first year. This season, it will see its second edition.

After all, singing touches us more directly than anything else – it is the expression of our deepest emotions, of bliss or grief; it tells stories that are age-old and brand-new, transcending all language-barriers. And so in 2020/21, the State Opera will once more give an arena to voices from various cultures and traditions. Apart from performances featuring international artists, we will again cooperate with musicians from Hanover and its surrounding regions; performative formats will be presented alongside lectures exploring the question of why mankind sings at all. In 2020/21, the focus will be on love songs and for this purpose, the State Opera is collecting songs from all eras and in all languages. Because more immediately than almost any other emotion, love demands to be turned into song.


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Stimmen der Nacht: Liebeslieder

Musical Theatre Performance


What is love? How does it come and go, which languages does it speak? A multi-genre musical theatre performance explores the greatest subject of all in intimate proximity with the audience: love as a shared experience.
Together with various singers, director and dramaturg Martin Mutschler will set out on a quest for their own experiences of the flesh and, ergo, of love, for small stories about big emotional pain and for the possibility of rising above the destruction – like Phoenix from the ashes. This research includes the performers’ own biographies and explores lost time, pain and healing, and the unstoppable energy of love.