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We are very happy to welcome you to the social media channels of the State Theatre of Hanover GmbH. Please join the discussions with your comments and contributions. We do, however, ask that you adhere to our netiquette and our rules for commenting. Should these rules be violated, we reserve the right to delete the respective content and to report it to the platform operators.

In this manner, we would like to promote a democratic and respectful debating culture, where constructive and objective criticism is welcome at all times.

1. Respectful Interactions

Please make sure to always use a fair and polite tone and to remain objective: Treat all other users exactly like you would like to be treated. Please don’t forget that there is a person behind each user. Personal attacks or arguments targeting other persons are not acceptable. Please respect every user’s opinion and don’t try to force your position on others.

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2. On-Topic Content

Please make sure that your comments are on-topic. Posts and comments that are absolutely unrelated to the posted content will be removed.

3. Improper Use

Improper use of our various social media channels as advertising space for other websites or services as well as the commercial advertisement of goods and services are not permitted. The content will be deleted and, where appropriate, reported. Posting content, information, software or any other material that violates existing laws is prohibited.

4. Violations of these Rules for Commenting

As operators of the social media channels in question, we will not tolerate any violations against the rules concerning commenting specified here. We reserve the right to delete or report contributions at any time and, where appropriate, without giving reasons.  By interacting on the State Theatre of Hanover GmbH’s social media channels, you recognise these guidelines.

Violations of general laws and legal regulations may lead to exclusion; in severe cases, they will entail legal consequences.

5. Enquiries

We are happy to answer all questions and react to your comments. If you write to us in the evenings or on the weekend, we will see to your enquiry on the following work-day. If you have any questions concerning the purchase of tickets, our Ticket Service will be glad to help you.

These Rules for Commenting have been developed on the basis of publicly accessible netiquette guidelines of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.