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Universen are a solidary stage at Cumberlandsche Galerie that give room to Unheard Voices – those voices that are not heard enough or not at all.


We will open our programme with the immersive performance Yahya Hassan. And we want to empower ourselves together with you, with plenty of humour and love, through workshops, concerts, days of remembrance and days of celebration. For Poetic Justice, Necati Öziri invites authors into his living room and talks with them about writing as a political act. Treppenhausgeflüster gives initiatives from Hanover carte blanche to determine the agenda of issues for debate. The programme series Kein Schlussstrich joins forces with other action alliances to question the role of the city of Hanover in dealing with the NSU-complex. The Trollmann-Festival campaigns for more visibility of Sinte and Romani in our city, while the Eastern European Diaspora Festival assembles Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking artists.


And we will launch the Human Rights Talks, where we will conduct political conversations with experts who have contributed to our world’s events.


Join Universen – as visitors, participants and artists! Only through our joint efforts will our universe develop into a place of solidarity, self-determination and participation.


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