A visit to the opera, ballet or concert is a very special experience. Because everyone – the audience and the artists onstage – want to enjoy the performance, we have collected some important guidelines.


You wear a dinner jacket or evening gown to the opera. If you wish!

When you go to the opera, you wear what you feel comfortable in.


Quite expansive, the Opernhaus ... True!

You access the Opernhaus via the main entrance on Opernplatz. Inside, signage and our service staff will lead you in, take you to your seat and show you where the restrooms and bars are located.


Wolfgang Amadeus ... Who?

Opera, concert and ballet are intended to entertain and bring about an unforgettable evening. So you don't need to know beforehand what a pas de deux is or what Mozart’s The Magic Flute is all about. But in advance of most performances, there is an introduction in the Opernhaus for anyone interested. A programme can be read online at no charge or purchased on location. The media library provides a wealth of information about the individual productions, along with videos and audio outtakes.


Is there an introduction immediately before the performance? Mostly yes!

At the Opera House, there are introductions to the new productions of the season directly before the performance. People with disabilities who are unable to access Marschnersaal have the option to watch a pre-recorded introduction on a monitor in the entrance area (unfortunately, this is not possible in the case of concerts). Please turn to our service staff. If you would like exclusive insights, you can visit our Kostprobe (opera) or Premierenfieber (ballet). Both of these formats, for which you can buy tickets, will allow you to catch a glimpse of rehearsals and to talk to participants of a production.


Six Hours of Opera? Not always!

Not all operas are that long. There are also much shorter performances of opera or musical theatre. A ballet is generally 90 minutes long and concerts come in several different durations and forms. During the interval, you can catch some fresh air on the balcony, enjoy a snack or take a turn around Opernplatz.


Non parlo italiano! So what?

Operas are often sung in Italian or French. But all operas, including many in German, are accompanied by surtitles in German. If you need an audio boost, our service staff will be glad to assist you. Ballets and concerts can mostly be enjoyed entirely without language.


Posting, googling, photographing? Yes, but ...

... not during the performances. That way, the artists on stage won't be distracted, and the audience can enjoy the luxury of being disconnected from the world. Photographs may be taken before and after the performance, as well as during intermission. We’re happy when we’re tagged in posts with @staatsoperhannover.


Ten minutes one way or the other ... makes a difference!

The performances at the Opernhaus begin punctually. So it’s best to be at the Opernhaus or the Ballhof about 30 minutes before the start of the performance. There is one admission for latecomers after the performance starts. Thereafter, the doors can first be opened at intermission. If you arrive too late, you can follow the events on stage on a monitor in the lobby.


Grand emotions ... not just on the stage!

The things you hear and see at our performances trigger emotions. Crying, laughing, applauding, marvelling ... everything is allowed! But please be sure to avoid making disruptive noises, like rustling paper or whispering, or glancing at your mobile.


Popcorn and soda in the auditorium? Please don't!

The noise made when eating and drinking disturbs not just the artists but also the people in the auditorium. During intermission, you can grab a snack and something to drink – you can also pre-order them. Food and drink set out on bar tables during intermission are not there for general consumption. They've been ordered and paid for by other guests.


When nature calls ... it's okay!

Use the restroom before the performance starts. That way, everyone can enjoy the production in relaxed fashion. It creates a disturbance when guests stand up in the middle of the performance and leave the auditorium. But if you really have to make your way to the restroom, then please do so as quietly as possible.


Pack rat ... aren't we all?

Large items are to be left in the cloakroom. The cloakroom is free of charge and staffed. It is not allowed to place large items in front of or on top of seats. They disturb other guests and can block the way in an emergency and become a hazard.


Opera, ballet and concerts are only for old people … nope!

An opera can be as exciting as a Netflix-series and on top of that, it is live. Using the ticket flat rate for students and many concessions for young people, you can visit the opera, ballet or concerts at very reasonable prices.


Would you like to visit a performance with a larger group? You can!

School classes and groups are very welcome. Tickets can be booked online or at gruppen@staatstheater-hannover.de and our staff will be very happy to advise you.