Young / Schauspiel

Every heart is built around a memory

by Markolf Naujoks

ca. 1 Stunde 15 Minuten, keine Pause

für Jugendliche ab 12 Jahren und Erwachsene

Dates and tickets

Unfortunately, no further dates are planned for this production.

Marie is dead. She was barely more than a child, and her big sisters Nina and Carla are trying to make sense of how this could have happened. They log in to a virtual reality game that Marie had developed. Their quest is to find Marie. If the sisters manage to solve this task, Marie will tell them how her death came about. Markolf Naujoks’ play was first produced in 2018. It makes a case for a world where all kinds of different of fantasies can be lived out, a place of longing and sanctuary for many: the world of games and virtual realities. A story about the utopian and dystopian dimensions of gaming.
Every heart is built around a memory is Markolf Naujoks’ first text for the theatre, created as a devised play for JUST in Kassel. It was nominated for the 2019 Youth Prize at Heidelberger Stückemarkt.