Die Zirkusprinzessin

Operetta by Emmerich Kálmán (1882 – 1953)
Libretto by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grünwald

In German with German surtitles

2 hours 50 minutes, one intermission

For adults and young people from age 12

Dates and tickets

Unfortunately, no further dates are planned for this production.

„If you please the masses, you can expect applause. If you fail, they will laugh at you!“
An operetta between dream and nightmare, winter’s night and chandelier, circus ring and parquet – Die Zirkusprinzessin is a poetically melancholy fairy-tale for grown-ups. A mysterious circus artist without a name who risks his life every evening with breakneck acrobatics in the somnambulist world of the circus and an aristocratic widow whose life is ruled by status and money in a patriarchal order: When representatives of the Russian upper class meet a company of performers living on the fringes of society, a story unfolds about political cabals, secret yearnings and social privilege that renders them blind to true encounters – and to love. Can there be a future beyond all social differences for Mister X and Princess Fedora?

In Mister X, a man who appears to have no identity, Die Zirkusprinzessin presents a social outlaw who has been reduced to a plaything of society’s power plays. His fate confronts us with one question in particular: Can we ever break free of the roles that we have been allotted? With this operetta, Emmerich Kalmán creates a successful balance between the soundscapes of Vienna and Russia, Hungarian ambience and fashionable dance from the jazz-crazy 1920s.

Apart from hits like “Wenn du mich sitzen lässt, fahr ich sofort nach Budapest (If you ditch me, I’ll go to Budapest straight away)” and “Liese, komm mit mir auf die Wiese (Liese, come to the meadow with me)”, “Zwei Märchenaugen (Two fairy-tale eyes)” is one of the most beautiful arias of the operetta canon. Die Zirkusprinzessin is a vivacious comedy that alternates hilariously mistaken identities, erotic games and parodying hyperbole with a subtly socio-critical narrative that quietly expresses a longing for utopia.

Inszenierung Felix Seiler
Choreografie Danny Costello
Bühne, Kostüme Timo Dentler / Okarina Peter
Ton Christoph Schütz
Xchange Kirsten Corbett

Fürstin Fedora Palinska Mercedes Arcuri
Prinz Sergius Wladimir Daniel Eggert / Jan Friedrich Eggers
Mister X Marius Pallesen
Miss Mabel Gibson Nikki Treurniet
Toni Schlumberger Philipp Kapeller
Carla Schlumberger Carmen Fuggiss
Direktor Stanislawski Frank Schneiders
Regisseur Luigi Pinelli Pawel Brozek / Marco Lee
Graf Saskusin Tobias Stemmer
Petrowitsch Andrew Chadwick
Adjutant Julian Bender
Baron Rasumowsky Stefan Lascu / Ingolf Kumbrink
Eine Frau Anna Moser / Sigrun Luding
Haushofmeister Martin Kreilkamp / Mohsen Rashidkhan
Zirkusmäderl Karina Kettenis, Romina Markmann, Veronica Appeddu, Luisa Meloni
Ein Offizier Robert Johansson

Statisterie der Staatsoper Hannover,