Glaube – Liebe – Hoffnung

Hope is the thing with feathers

M I L K (Uraufführung)

Choreografie Guillaume Hulot Bühne Takaya Kobayashi Kostüme Marvin M'toumo Licht Elana Siberski


Choreografie, Bühne, Kostüme Medhi Walerski Licht Pierre Pontvianne in Zusammenarbeit mit Lizette van der Linden Dramaturgie Pierre Pontvianne

Hello Earth

Choreografie Marco Goecke Bühne, Kostüme Marco Goecke Licht Udo Haberland Dramaturgie Nadja Kadel
Xchange Bettina Stieler

Staatsballett Hannover


11. February 2023


2 hours, two intermissions

For adults and young people from age 12

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The choreographers of the ballet evening Glaube – Liebe – Hoffnung look at life and the great mysteries of our existence with reverence. Medhi Walerski, whose poetical ballet Prélude introduced him to the Hanover audience, will give physical shape to the principle of hope: Walerski sees hope as a mysterious entity that is lodged in the soul and continually adapts to life’s circumstances. The choreography will be accompanied by a commissioned composition by the young Belgian sound designer Adrien Cronet who transfers the spiritual depth of Johann Sebastian Bach into our present times.

In his new creation M I L K, Corsican choreographer Guillaume Hulot draws on the uniqueness of maternal love, which is crystallised in the form of mother’s milk and serves all human beings as the first nutrition of their incipient life. This elixir of life provides the title for Hulot’s first commissioned work in Hanover. He will collaborate with the French fashion designer Marvin M’toumo for the first time and explore the significance of the mother’s role. With a combination of the sounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the rock band The Police, this ballet will also throw a bridge between the mystical and the mundane.

Marco Goecke’s choreography Hello Earth appears to observe our terrestrial world from space. From this external perspective, many things that seem significant in the here and now, are shown in a different light. Marco Goecke sees the task of human beings, namely to give purpose and meaning to their life, as a trial. To distract ourselves from this burden, we make great efforts to sweeten our time on earth. Ultimately, we are forced to understand that when things get serious, there is no understudy for our life like there would be in the theatre. In Hello Earth, Marco Goecke achieves a balancing act between a critical birds-eye-view and earthly pleasure.