Connections Dance Center

Woher aus Niedersachsen kommt ihr?

Wie alt seid ihr?
Tänzer:innen von 19 J alt bis 24 J alt

Welche Art Tanz zeigt ihr?

Was macht euch besonders?
Maria: Well... despite our different backgrounds (in dance and life) we manage to meet and connect in the same place. Becoming one but not the same..... Something like that.

Jette: We have a special bond and a lot of Trust in each other through all the different experiences we made together, e.g. creative writing, theatre…

Alina: I think we always manage to keep up the energy up during classes and performances, there is a high sense of sharing even though we don’t know each other that long

Malin: What is Special about our group:
We are a mixed group, some just started last year others have been dancing for many years. We have enormous joy in sharing our passion for dance with each other. We are all very different, but complement and learn from each other a lot. Through intensive training with Mónica and the other participants/dancers, a small CDC family has formed. I have a lot of respect for the other dancers, their movements, expressions and their love for dancing. We are open to new experiences.

Johann: We managed to create a common space to grow in creativity and art, to share lots of experiences and discover what our individuality brings to Mónica Garcia Vicente's work.