Woher aus Niedersachsen kommst du, wie alt bist du, was machst du für Musik und was macht dich besonders?

I’m Tavé, 20 years old. I’m originally from Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan. But now I have been living in Hannover for almost 3 years.. Music and art was always in my life and I was always in love with it since age 7. Or even younger... because of my family.
Back home I used to have a band that I worked with. But in Hannover I do not have a band or know any musicians to work with. I’m a vocalist who works on jazz, middle eastern (kurdish) genres, pop and opera. I usually cover songs and change them to my own style (mixing middle eastern with opera pieces or pop songs…).
I usually work with musicians but I think it will be a pretty cool challenge for me to sing acappella or with soundbacks and I hope to show you guys some of my artistic side.