Der kleine Prinz

based on the novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

für Erwachsene und Jugendliche ab 14 Jahren

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A plane crashes in the Sahara. The pilot survives the crash and now he’s stuck in the desert. Then, a child from a distant planet joins him – the little Prince. He has left his home planet after an argument and travels through space where he comes across creatures who long for money, power, inebriation or admiration. “The big people are decidedly peculiar”, he realises, and he remains a stranger in this cosmos. A dark universe reveals itself to him and to us.
It is the story of a creature who is capable of wonderment and who has his own way of opposing the general forlornness and hopelessness. Perhaps the little Prince is the friend we have to imagine to survive in this world.
Lilja Rupprecht will stage the novella as a moving end-of-days drama for grown-ups. In her Hanover productions Werther, Woyzeck and Peer Gynt, she already looked at some great investigators of reality. With the little Prince, she adds a very special kind of seeker to this series, one who is lost and yet connected to the world – equipped with a power of imagination that carries us along into unknown domains of the soul.