Frankenstein oder Eine Frischzellenkur

by Clara Weyde and Barbara Kantel, based loosely on Mary Shelley

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The story of Frankenstein begins in 1816. The entire earth is covered in shadow. The Indonesian volcano Tambora is hurling thousands of tonnes of ash into the atmosphere, causing an ecological disaster that reaches all the way to Europe. The earth is shrouded in darkness, the crops are dying, calamity rules everywhere …
In this atmosphere, 18-year-old Mary Shelley writes her novel, deeply affected by the loss of her child, In her character of Viktor Frankenstein from Ingolstadt, who creates an artificial human being, she develops the archetype of the overambitious scientist who refuses to accept responsibility for the creature that he has made.
This story has fascinated us for 200 years. People have always wished to create artificial life. Today, this seems to have become feasible. And that makes the questions asked in Frankenstein more topical than ever before.
Director Clara Weyde, who previously directed Der Ruf der Wildnis at Schauspiel Hannover, will adapt the myth of Frankenstein and examine the interrelationship between the creator and her creature.