by Michel Friedman

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“I live somewhere in the Nowhere. / Home? / What does that mean to you? / What is the price you have to pay?” This is a child speaking. The world they live in seems foreign to them and at times, they even feel foreign to themselves. They were born in France. They migrated to Germany during the 1960s. The family survived the Shoah and now the child is expected to live – but how? Michel Friedman lends a touching and poetical voice to the humiliated and excluded. He takes the fate of one person as an example, goes through their biography and creates a text about a world where being foreign is part of everyday life and this life is felt to be full of dangers. It talks about both fear and love, about both loneliness and the hope to overcome it. It is a plea for being different and against inhumanity. And the child? “The child – it lives.”
Stephan Kimmig creates the first stage version of Michel Friedman’s extraordinary text with a cast of four actors.