Young / Schauspiel


by Thomas Köck

ca. 3 Stunden, eine Pause

für Jugendliche ab 15 Jahren und Erwachsene

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Unfortunately, no further dates are planned for this production.

Our earth after the apocalypse: Welcome to the future! Beings emerge from space capsules that have just landed. Are they the gods who want to see the irreversible damage that humans have left on earth? Cyborgs? Or the last humans? What they see is the earth in ruins. How could it come to this boundless destruction? To understand what has happened, they remove layer after layer of destroyed landscapes, like archaeologists, revealing more and more fragments of lost memories. They tell stories of people who took anything they wanted to the point of collapse, wrecking not only the climate system but also perforce themselves and their fellow human beings.
Klimatrilogie is an excessive search for traces. Planet earth as a black box: It never forgets anything, and we as living beings only have to read carefully to understand why the ecological destruction of our earth will inevitably entail social erosion.
Since 2016, playwright Thomas Köck has written three plays that provide an in-depth analysis of how colonialism, capitalism and nature are related: paradies fluten, paradies hunger, and paradies spielen.
Director Marie Bues correlates these plays with each other and shapes them into a panorama of powerful images, dealing with greed, power, the longing for connection and the never-ending hope for a new beginning after the catastrophe.