Young / Opera

Teufels Küche

Moritz Eggert (*1965)
A Cooking Opera for three Musicians, one Actor, Vegetables and many Children
In a Stage Version by Heiko Hentschel


31. October 2021

Ballhof Zwei

50 Minutes, no Intermission

From Ages 5+

Musikalische Leitung Maxim Böckelmann
Inszenierung Julia Huebner
Bühne, Kostüme Iris Holstein
Licht Mario Waldowski
Dramaturgie Martin Mutschler


When the devil starts cooking, anything is possible. Nobody knows what will be dished up – but the ingredients are a clarinet, a cello and lots of percussion. There is singing, scrubbing, scraping and, of course, plenty of laughter, because the devil can take a joke. He is the kitchen chef and he makes sure that nothing is spilled.
But in the theatre, even the devil can lose control – especially once the instruments develop a will of their own.
There’s a noise from each pot and every touch can create a sound – and in the end, they all have made a wonderful soup together.
From a basket full of vegetables, with brio and imagination, Moritz Eggert has cooked up a piece of musical theatre for young audiences. The spectators are invited to join the chopping and the fun – and all of this without any words at all, but with plenty of tasty spices.