Nora oder Wie man das Herrenhaus kompostiert

by Sivan Ben Yishai
translated by Gerhild Steinbuch

ca. 1 Stunde 30 Minuten, keine Pause

Dates and tickets

Th, 26.09.2024 | 19:30 – 21:00 h
16,50 € – 42,50 € | red. from 5,00 €
Schauspielhaus |  
Revival |  
16,50 € – 42,50 € | red. from 5,00 €

Further dates are being planned.

Firstly, this is the story of a house. Of a construct. It is our house. But it doesn’t belong to us. We live here, we serve here, we serve the lady of the house. Do you know who she is? Nora. At every performance, we wait until she manages to emancipate, leave her husband and close the door behind herself. Because that’s when we can finally take off our aprons and hope that we’ll catch the last bus – because, who can afford a taxi these days? Her story has been staged countless times but there’s one thing that seems to always be the same: us. We’ve been standing in front of you for centuries but you still haven’t met us. Or do you know who Anne-Marie is? Are you aware of how much the package deliverer makes or the actor who plays him? This show will not be a rewrite of our boss’ story, not another one. Like we said: First and foremost, this is the story of a house. Our house.
The award-winning author Sivan Ben Yishai writes a meditation about Ibsen’s Nora, about the doll’s house – but also about the house of the (female) rulers. In 2022/23, director Julia Wissert staged the author‘s play Liebe / Eine argumentative Übung (Love / An argumentative exercise) in Hanover.
Director Marie Bues will stage this commissioned work. Starting in 2023/24, she is one of the directors of Schauspielhaus Vienna and continues to stage works at other houses. Her main focus of work lies on contemporary material. In Hanover, she has directed Thomas Koeck’s Antigone-rewriting and Klimatrilogie, Kevin Rittberger’s Wir sind nach dem Sturm and Wolfram Lotz’ Die Politiker. Sivan Ben Yishai and Marie Bues have a long-standing and intensive working relationship.