Und alle so still

based on the novel by Mareike Fallwickl

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Su, 16.02.2025 | 19:30 h
Schauspielhaus |  
Premiere |  

Further dates are being planned.

They lie in the streets, motionless. In front of the hospital, in the squares – and every day there are more of them: women, young, old, hundreds of them, soon thousands. Joined in a silent protest, they let the world know what happens when they call a strike from one day to the next, when they are no longer willing to fulfill expectations both in the work-place and at home, the unfair distribution, unfair payment, unfair burden. An imbalance that all the struggles for equal rights couldn’t fix. What is confusing and even amusing at first soon results in a chaos that reveals the extent to which our system is based on exploitation and overburdening. In the midst of this emerging revolution, the paths of three characters cross: Elin, a successful influencer who has just had an experience that she doesn’t know how to deal with; Nuri, whose precarious living circumstances force him to accept any job on offer, and Ruth, a qualified nurse at the hospital, who tries to hold back the devouring decay with self-sacrifice and almost super-human strength.
After their successful production Die Wut, die bleibt, director Jorinde Dröse continues her co-operation with author Mareike Fallwickl, whose dystopian-utopian novel raises the major question of whether we can change the prevailing conditions.

Bühne Katja Haß
Kostüme Juliane Kalkowski
Dramaturgie Johanna Vater