Young / Schauspiel


an interactive installation by Miriam Tscholl
featuring two actors, 30 experts and 30 monitors on the topic of pigs


02. November 2023

für Jugendliche ab 12 Jahren und Erwachsene


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Konzept und Regie Miriam Tscholl
Bühne und Kostüme Bernhard Siegl
Musik Polina Lapkovskaja
Dramaturgie Xenia Bühler, Rania Mleihi, Johanna Vater
Audiovisuelle Gestaltung und Programmierung Georg Werner
Videoproduktion Michael Kleinhenn

Yasmin Mowafek


The pig. It represents luck and is used as a term of abuse. Biologically, it is very similar to us humans, but it is not even close to being coddled as a pet. We have developed highly efficient ways of leading it to slaughter so that we can have comfortable barbecue parties.
What is the answer to the future of pigs? And what will be our position on the topic? Where can we feel a social consensus? What happens beyond the consensus – where do we act?
The audience sits in a pigsty, as a thirty-strong town hall meeting. At the centre of the assembly, two actors discuss their ambivalent relationship with meat consumption. The climate catastrophe, the 1.5°C-target, factory farming – we know it all. 30 experts on the topic of the pig will join the discussion on monitors: politicians, animal owners, philosophers, climate and animal welfare activists. Every one of them will seduce the audience and put their own, individual opinion into the centre of the debate.