Die Walküren

by Caren Jeß

Dates and tickets

Sa, 08.03.2025 | 19:30 h
Schauspielhaus |  
Premiere |  

Further dates are being planned.

“We hold the runes into the embers, beating them, bending them, ha! So that you will not recognise your inheritance! We want to laugh or die!” – this is the cry of the Valkyries into the world. At an altitude of 12357 meters, bound to the summit, they are blessed with the clearest view of the world. The have to watch what is happening on this earth – and it’s a lot. Their father Wotan, an out-of-shape god, sires the twins Sieglinde and Siegmund, and they in turn produce a son, Siegfried, who might bring redemption to the world. And the world is in dire need of redemption. Because it is barren. The world tree Yggdrasil, the source of all life, has dried. Wotan, god without a plan, destroys and rages. People are no better, and just follow his example. But at least, there is Brünnhilde, the only one of the Valkyries who is able to leave the rock. She seems to be able to fight the looming demise. Obstinate, strong and wayward, she is looking for a new order of things and might even bear salvation inside her already.
Maren Bues will stage Caren Jeß’ attack on this German myth – a turning point, a new narrative, clever, sharp and often very funny.

Regie Marie Bues
Bühne Katja Haß
Kostüme Amit Epstein
Musik Anton Berman
Dramaturgie Nora Khuon