Sweeney Todd

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
A Musical Thriller
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (1930-2021)

Book by Hugh Wheeler
Based on the Play of the same Name by Christopher Bond
German Version by Wilfried Steiner and Roman Hinze


27. November 2021


In English with German Surtitles and German Dialogues

3 Hours 15 Minutes, one Intermission

From Ages 14+

Dates and tickets

Fr, 08.07.2022 / 19:30 – 22:45 h
Opernhaus / last performance in this season
24,00 € – 71,00 € / red. from 6,00 € Cast calendar_open_alt
Musikalische Leitung James Hendry

Sweeney Todd Stephan Loges Mrs. Lovett Anne Weber Anthony Hope James Newby Richter Turpin Frank Schneiders Johanna Nikki Treurniet Büttel Bamford Philipp Kapeller Die Bettlerin Monika Walerowicz Pirelli Peter O'Reilly Tobias Marco Lee Mr. Fogg Volkhard Oberdalhoff

Statisterie der Staatsoper Hannover
Inszenierung Theu Boermans
Musikalische Leitung James Hendry / Giulio Cilona
Licht Susanne Reinhardt
Video Arjen Klerkx
Dramaturgie Julia Huebner
Xchange Kirsten Corbett

Sweeney Todd Scott Hendricks / Stephan Loges
Mrs. Lovett Anne Weber
Anthony Hope James Newby / Germán Olvera
Richter Turpin Daniel Eggert / Frank Schneiders
Büttel Bamford Philipp Kapeller
Die Bettlerin Ursula Hesse von den Steinen / Monika Walerowicz / Milda Tubelytė
Mr. Fogg Martin Kreilkamp / Volkhard Oberdalhoff

Chor der Staatsoper Hannover,
Statisterie der Staatsoper Hannover,


It is a sinister farce, a “deeply-sinister operetta” and a grotesque horror-spectacle straight from New York’s Broadway: Sondheim’s musical thriller Sweeney Todd captivates its audience with its opulent, almost operatic score and its musical quotations from horror films like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Hugh Wheeler’s book criticizes the abuse of power wielded by a decadent and viciously scheming upper class and celebrates the monstrous revenge fantasies of Sweeney Todd, the tormented protagonist of the story.

After fifteen years of wrongful banishment, Benjamin Barker returns to Victorian London. He learns that the powerful Judge Turpin initiated his deportation to a penal colony in order to seduce his wife. Under the name of Sweeney Todd, Benjamin opens a barber shop on Fleet Street. There, he awaits the right moment to exact his revenge on Turpin for ruining his life. His razor becomes the perfect weapon for a murderous campaign of revenge.
The more customers go missing in Sweeney’s shop, the more Mrs Lovett’s failing pie shop gains momentum – Sweeney’s victims, it turns out, make for high-quality processing …

Dutch theatre director Theu Boermans is not only known for his poignant theatre productions: His cinema and television films have been presented at various international film festivals. The monumental production of the war musical Soldier of Orange, spectacularly staged in a disused airport hangar, has reached cult status in the Netherlands. Now, Boermans brings Sondheim’s celebrated Broadway-classic about the diabolical barber of Fleet Street to the stage of Hanover’s opera house.