Ballet Evening in Two Parts by Johan Inger

Tempus Fugit

Choreografie, Bühne Johan Inger Kostüme Johan Inger / Els Mommaerts Licht Peter Lundin

Klavier Martin Klett / Luisa Imorde

I New Then

Choreografie, Bühne Johan Inger Kostüme Bregje van Balen Licht Tom Visser

1 hour 20 minutes, one intermission

For adults and children from age 10

Dates and tickets

Unfortunately, no further dates are planned for this production.

Is grief all that remains after the loss of a beloved person? What is the impact of memories of what has passed?
The ballet evening Zeitlos (Timeless) features two works by Swedish choreographer Johan Inger and looks at life’s precious moments.

With the loss of a loved one as its point of departure, the choreography Tempus Fugit revives such moments in both slow and fast motion. Accompanied by intimate piano music that recalls the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, the dancers undergo five phases of grief that follow this loss. Each of these phases gratefully highlights the beauty of what once was.

The ballet I New Then, on the other hand, celebrates life from the colourful, buoyant viewpoint of youth. Inger captures this light-hearted, youthful feeling, accompanied by the seemingly nostalgic music of the Northern Irish singer Van Morrison. This feeling that our whole life lies ahead of us and we can make experiences without immediately having to think about possible consequences. Through the eyes of a young person, the world appears immense and yet not big enough.

After Johan Inger visited Hanover in 2010 with Walking Mad, he now returns to the State Opera to present these two celebrated pieces with the State Ballet.

“It is an equally celebratory and reflective evening that looks at the exuberant period of youth and at death.” (Johan Inger)

Xchange Bettina Stieler

Klavier Martin Klett / Luisa Imorde

Staatsballett Hannover