Spiel des Lebens


Choreografie Sofia Nappi Bühne, Kostüme Thomas Mika Licht Sascha Zauner


Choreografie Goyo Montero Bühne Leticia Gañán Calvo / Curt Allen Wilmer Kostüme Margaux Manns / Goyo Montero Licht Goyo Montero / Sascha Zauner Komposition Owen Belton

Walk the Demon

Choreografie, Bühne, Kostüme Marco Goecke Licht Udo Haberland

2 hours 15 minutes, two intermissions

For adults and young people from age 12

Dates and tickets

Unfortunately, no further dates are planned for this production.

This three-part evening of ballet, entitled Spiel des Lebens is a rollercoaster-ride through the heights and depths of life, driven by temptations and promises and including the ever-present risk of falling. The word Tilt describes a state of confusion and frustration that can cause gambling addicts to take uncontrolled risks. Fascinated by this liminal moment between control and loss of self, the multiple award winning Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero will create a new work for Hanover.

Sofia Nappi also explores the motifs of gambling and risk. She captures life in a metaphor: The Tagadà is a carrousel that revolves around its own centre at a slight tilt, accompanied by loud music. The passengers are not secured and sit at the edges, trying to defy the centrifugal force. No matter how safe they might feel: The carrousel is controlled by a human being, which means that every movement is an unpredictability – just as life confronts us with both positive and negative surprises again and again. Sofia Nappi has won several renowned awards, including the 35th International Choreography Competition Hanover.

For his own ballet Walk the Demon, Marco Goecke captures life in the words “Thank you, hello and goodbye”. The entirety of life and love are contained in these words, Marco Goecke reasons while taking his demon for a walk.

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