Der eingebildete Kranke

by Molière

1 Stunde 30 Minuten, keine Pause

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A man is afraid. He fears for his life. He fears for his money. He fears for himself. The man’s name is Philippe. In actual fact, he has everything he needs. He could calmly look back at a successful life. He has a wife and children, a house, more than enough money, his body is in good shape and happiness could at least be an option. But Philippe suffers beyond all measure. Because there is one fact that eludes his influence: One day, he will die. Admittedly, this is something that everyone has to deal with. And so far there is no evidence that his life will end any time soon, but fear of his body’s infirmity is immense. And so Philippe makes great efforts to cherish, strengthen and support his body. Several people are dedicated to assisting the distressed man in his efforts to outwit death: A throng of doctors, a maid, his wife, his daughter, his sister. They are all at his disposal – for more or less selfish reasons. A game of intrigue and confusion takes its course.
Der eingebildete Kranke, Molière’s final comedy, is a grotesque caper about our wish to live forever and to overcome all limits. It raises the questions of who has the means to be able to afford hypochondria and what kind of narcissistic prosperity fuels the prevailing cult of the body.
Anne Lenk, who previously staged Der Menschenfeindby Moliére (invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen) and received the 2020 Friedrich-Luft-Award, will explore this malicious inspection of our own primeval fears and their humorous excesses.