Goethes Faust – allerdings mit anderem Text und auch anderer Melodie

by Clemens Sienknecht and Barbara Bürk
based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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“You ask me what ideas I tried to embody in my Faust. As if I knew or were able to express this myself!” Barbara Bürk and Clemens Sienknech will attempt to do what Goethe could not or would not. With the subtitle of allerdings mit anderem Text und auch anderer Melodie (except with a different text and a different melody, too), the two of them have already transferred several great classics of world literature into a format of their very own: They compress the play’s contents, humorously deconstruct and lovingly musicalize it. After their version of Madame Bovary (2016) in Hanover they now tackle Goethe’s heavy-weight Faust: A fateful pact with the devil, Gretchen’s crucial question and the search for the moment of absolute happiness.