Young / Schauspiel

Hex. Dornröschen im Feenwald

family play based on an adaptation of

a new musical based on Sleeping Beauty
book by Tanya Ronder, music by Jim Fortune and lyrics by Rufus Norris
original concept by Katrina Lindsay and Rufus Norris

ca. 1 Stunde 30 Minuten, keine Pause

für Kinder ab 6 Jahren und Erwachsene

Dates and tickets

Unfortunately, no further dates are planned for this production.

Fairies are elegant and delicate creatures who live above the treetops – except for one: Fairy has no wings, lives by herself down in the forest and has her very own notions of how to grant wishes. In her mind, whirring insects, birth and death are just as much part of the natural cycle as beautiful flowers and romantic feelings. She longs to belong to the other fairies, but they just look down at her with contempt.
When Secretary Smith comes to the forest looking for a fairy to help the new-born Princess Rose fall asleep, he comes across Fairy. He glues wings to her back to make her look like a “real” fairy, and takes her to the palace. And it all goes pear-shaped from there. Provoked by the exhausted queen, Fairy botches her magic wish and Princess Rose falls into a deep slumber before her 16th birthday. She is guarded by stab-happy thorns that put a sleeping-spell on all princes that try to get to Rose. What’s needed is a very special kind of prince! Fairy, who has set put herself in charge of setting things right again, plunges into a wild, one-hundred-year-long adventure – and perhaps finds the solution to more than one problem.

Bühne und Kostüme Georg & Paul
Dramaturgie Lovis Fricke

Schmidt / Schmidt-Schmitt / Prinz Alrun Hofert
Schmidt / Schmidt-Schmitt / Prinz Rainer Frank
Regina / Queenie Amelle Schwerk
Prinz Bert / Dorne Hajo Tuschy
Rex / Dorne / Prinz Servan Durmaz
Dorne / Prinz Niklas Marian Müller

Live-Musik / Prinz Lars Ehrhardt