Young / Schauspiel

K(no)w Black Heroes

by Mable Preach and Company

ca. 1 Stunde, keine Pause

für Jugendliche ab 14 Jahren und Erwachsene

Dates and tickets

Unfortunately there are currently no dates planned for this production.

The world has perished and we are travelling towards a new planet – bringing with us the vision for a new society. But who is among our role models? What kind of heritage was passed down to us? Together with her company and other performers, director Mable Preach explores this utopian idea with pop-cultural references and Afro-futurist style elements. Who taught us what? What kind of collective memory is the foundation that our knowledge was built on?
The ticket that will gain us admittance into the paradise of an empowered society is precious – the journey there is long.
Mable Preach has been a fixture of Hamburg’s art scene for many years – as a director and choreographer, as a curator and networker. She initiated FORMATION**NOW, the festival for urban BIPoC youth culture, and she is the head of the culture and youth association Lukulele. Most recently, she presented her production EMB*RACE YOUR CROWN in the context of Kampnagel’s season opening. In her work, she undertakes a critical analysis of racism and (neo-)colonialism, promotes empowerment and produces images and narratives that provide an alternative to the white mainstream.