A musical Ode to Breath by Anja Herden

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Do you remember your first breath? When you left your mother’s protective womb to dive into all the incalculable and at times apparently insurmountable challenges of a life?
Probably not. No one remembers. Not the first scream, not the source of all being.
But perhaps we should remember. Remember that air is necessary to launch us into a life full to bursting. Just a little bit. One breath. No frightened gasping. No frantic panting. No, a deep breathing in, just “to be”.
“Just-to-be-there”, to oppose the big and the tiny fears governing our daily lives. Taking a breath and raising a song together, against everything that chokes us. Spreading our wings and diving into everything that music has to offer: from Wagner to AC/DC, from Peter Alexander to Billie Eilish. Breathe deeply and become airborne for a moment, to let yourself go.
Anja Herden has been a member of Schauspiel Hannover’s acting company since 2019. She has been working as a guest lecturer at the Thomas Bernhard Institute at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg since 2020, where she has also been staging plays. Luft is her first work as a director at Schauspiel Hannover. Christian Decker studied double bass and electric bass at music academies in Hanover and Hamburg and works as a freelance studio and stage musician. He was musical director for All das Schöne at Schauspiel Hannover.