Stimmen / Voices

When I speak,
I tell you my opinion.

When I sing,
I show you my heart.


This series explored the power of singing from other cultures during our first three seasons with the scenic performances Wiegenlieder and Liebeslieder, concerts and the multi-part series Voice Stories, and now it enters its fourth season. Because nothing affects us as immediately as singing – it is an expression of deepest emotions like happiness or grief, it tells age-old tales as well as stories that were just invented, and it overcomes all language barriers. And so the State Opera will continue to provide a platform for voices from other cultures and traditions at the city’s centre. There will be guest performances by international artists as well as cooperation projects with musicians from Hanover and its surroundings; staged projects will be juxtaposed with discursive formats that shed light on the question of why exactly it is that people sing.



Oumou Sangaré is the star of Western Africa: Her music is rooted in the historic Wassoulou-region of Mali. From there, she carries her message into the world, full of political commitment and musical sophistication.


With the kind support of Stiftung Niedersachsen