Young / Schauspiel

Die Verwandlung

based on the novella by Franz Kafka

für Jugendliche ab 14 Jahren und Erwachsene

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His dreams are restless, unsettling and full of premonition. And yet, they are nothing in comparison to the reality that awaits Gregor Samsa the next morning, and that will be his own from that point on: Overnight, the young man has been transformed into a huge insect. His appalled family searches for strategies to deal with this new situation and to prevent it from becoming news at the same time. But Gregor’s state appears to be permanent and he, who had previously provided for the family with his despised work as a commercial agent, suddenly becomes an oppressive burden, a creature of monstrous uselessness. The more Gregor tries to accept his new situation, the more his social circle turns away from him. Their inability to cope turns into unkindness, isolation finally turns into devastating viciousness.
Director Clara Weyda will stage Kafka’s famous novella about a young person who is suspended from a system that assesses the value of an individual based on their capacity to adapt and achieve, and whose only escape from outside determination seems to be cutting ties and retreating.

Regie Clara Weyde
Kostüme Clemens Leander
Video Philipp Kronenberg
Dramaturgie Johanna Vater