Archiv der Sehnsüchte

based on the novel Die Ungehaltenen by Deniz Utlu

Dates and tickets

Fr, 18.10.2024 | 19:30 h
Schauspielhaus |  
Premiere |  

Further dates are being planned.

Elyas is angry but he doesn’t know why. Instead of completing his law degree, he spends his days in bars, jumps over parked cars, curses the whole city from his window and tells everyone about his grand project: an online archive for the generation of his parents – so-called guest-workers. When the young doctor Aylin comes into his life, they set out on a road-trip that will take them from Berlin via Hanover to the Black Sea coast. People, cities, thoughts and memories open windows into the past that allow them to see the stories of their parents with new eyes. In Archiv der Sehnsüchte, director Hakan Savaş Mican and Hanoverian author Deniz Utlu not only portray a searching and angry generation’s the attitude towards life but take a special look at several decades of German-Turkish labour migration.

Regie Hakan Savaş Mican
Bühne Alissa Kolbusch
Kostüme Miriam Marto
Musik Jörg Gollasch
Video Sebastian Lempe
Dramaturgie Elvin İlhan

Elyas Cino Djavid
Vater / Cemo Max Landgrebe
Mutter Stella Hilb
Hekim / Mustafa Servan Durmaz

Live-Musik Lukas Fröhlich, Almut Lustig