Unsere Elf

Eine etwas andere Nationalhymne
by Tuğsal Moğul and Maren Zimmermann

ca. 2 Stunden 15 Minuten, eine Pause

Dates and tickets

We, 11.09.2024 | 19:30 – 21:45 h
17,50 € – 44,50 € | red. from 5,00 €
Schauspielhaus |  
Revival |  
17,50 € – 44,50 € | red. from 5,00 €
Tu, 17.09.2024 | 19:30 – 21:45 h
17,50 € – 44,50 € | red. from 5,00 €
Schauspielhaus |  
17,50 € – 44,50 € | red. from 5,00 €

Further dates are being planned.

From the “Miracle of Bern” to today, Germany’s football world has gone through continual changes. In 1974, it was normal not to sing the national anthem, by 2012 it had become unimaginable. But the route from the celebrated “Summer’s Tale”-team at the 2006 World Cup in Germany to the sudden fall from grace that two players experienced because of a photo they took with a head of state was surprisingly short. Football is only apparently unpolitical and it has been charged with significance again and again from the time immediately after the war until today.
Germany’s domestic history following reunification has also cast its shadow over the game: How should 16 million people suddenly engage with a new national team after their country was suddenly reunified? The relationship between the German people and their national team players has always been complicated. Who plays for the team, and which desires, projections and attributions are directed at these people?
In co-operation with time witnesses and through extensive research, the team has created a piece of documentary theatre that allows an extraordinary perspective on the game of football. This journey through time leads to highlights, scandals and fates of German football. Eleven actors and musicians look at the songs sung by German national sides as well as the favourite songs of German fans. Musical highlights of the German national team and selected fan chants will be featured in the show.
Tuğsal Moğul is a doctor, director and actor. He has developed research-based projects at various theatres, often looking at topics of medical ethics as well as migration, racism and right-wing extremism.