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Pinocchios Abenteuer

Why are you laughing? And how can you be sure that I lied?

Instrumental Comedy by Lucia Ronchetti (*1963)
Text based on the children’s book by Carlo Collodi
German translation by Karin Dietrich


18. November 2022

Ballhof Zwei

In German

For children from age 5 and adults


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Musikalische Leitung Richard Schwennicke
Inszenierung Maria Kwaschik
Licht Christoph Schmidt
Dramaturgie, Xchange Keith Bernard Stonum

Sopran Mengqi Zhang
Horn Adam Lewis
Violine Thomas Huppertz
Violoncello Marion Zander
Kontrabass Heinrich Lademann
Percussion Tomi Emilov


A celebration of childhood adventurousness! This opera has been deliberately composed around the responses of the children in the audience. No need to be quiet and sit still here, on the contrary: In order for Pinocchio to become a real boy, everyone has to help.

Pinocchio, a dancing, fencing, somersaulting wooden puppet sets out to discover the wide world. As a framework for this fantastical heroic journey, Italian composer Lucia Ronchetti draws on the old tradition of street theatre and gives friendly nods to a wide musical range of composers from the beginnings of opera to Pink Floyd, creating a lively and musically colourful opera experience.

Five instrumentalists of the State Orchestra of Lower Saxony join a female singer in this performance. They are not hidden in the orchestra pit as usual, but onstage, playing a variety of characters: Sometimes they are friends who warn Pinocchio of dangers, sometimes they are adversaries who want to mislead him. In this way, the story with all those well-known scenes from the original plot are given new life: the nose that grows when he tells lies, the talking cricket and even the bold escape from the stomach of the giant whale. The music is as peculiar and fantastical as the adventure itself. It brings us to unknown paths and sometimes it takes surprising turns in the road – we never end up where we expected ...